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Content Warning: Please be advised that some of the safety and quality topics covered in the Policies, Standards and Reports section may be distressing to read about. Please take care when reading this material, and if needed speak with a support person you know or call a telephone support line. Details of support services can be read on this link

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist issues a variety of publications that relate to the administration of the Mental Health Act 2009 as well as broader policy and strategic issues related to the provision of mental health services. These can include

Policies and Standards

The Chief Psychiatrist under Section 90 of the Mental Health Act 2009 may issue standards that are to be observed in the care or treatment of patients. Any standard issued will be binding on any hospital that is an incorporated hospital under the Health Care Act 2008 or is binding as a condition of the licence in force in respect of any private hospital premises under Part 10 of the Health Care Act 2008. The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist undertakes a number of policy initiatives outside of those required by the Mental Health Act 2009.


The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist can publish a report for the following reasons:

  • it is required under the Mental Health Act 2009;
  • for reviews or investigations undertaken using Chief Psychiatrist powers; and
  • for work undertaken by the Office on strategic and policy matters that have a statewide focus