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Purpose of the Mental Health Services Plan (MHSP)

The new state-wide SA Health Mental Health Services Plan will chart the future direction for SA Health operated and commissioned mental health and wellbeing services. In recent years, gaps and failures in mental health care have led to multiple reviews and consultancies. Selected service changes have then been made in reaction to whatever has been the latest problem identified. Building on the vision and direction provided by the government in the SA Mental Health Strategic Plan 2017-2022, we now need an integrated plan to guide the commissioning and delivery of state government funded mental health and wellbeing services in the state. The plan will benefit service users and enable our skilled and dedicated staff to deliver services of the highest quality, which are safe and have inbuilt protection systems to ensure that the rights of people who use our services are respected and maintained.

The plan will be developed through a combined effort by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist and the SA Mental Health Commission and will provide a framework to ensure that quality care occurs in consistent and innovative ways across our state.

An Outcomes Based Plan

In the new governance environment of local incorporated Health Boards, decision making about how services are delivered will be made as close as possible to the point of care. Therefore, this MHSP will describe the outcomes users can expect, the range of services to meet population–based needs, and the commitment of the SA Government to meeting those needs. A model of service delivery will be articulated at a high level so as to determine the scope and size of services and associated resource requirements, but specific details of service models and team arrangements will be determined locally. The new mental health services plan will also refer, where possible, to services delivered by other state, federal, local, non-government and private agencies relevant to the mental health and wellbeing of South Australians.

This new state mental health services plan will empower local communities and health providers, by enabling them to decide how outcomes will be achieved.

This plan will be “co-designed and co-produced” with people with lived experience and it will also engage clinicians and providers across sectors in South Australia who either deliver SA government funded mental health and wellbeing services, work with them, or refer to them. It is recognised that improving our services can only occur with sound partnerships. Our commitment to co-design and co-production will ensure that key stakeholders, particularly people with lived experience and those most affected by decisions made, are involved at all stages and levels of development, implementation and evaluation of the new state mental health services plan.

The new state mental health services plan will give emphasis to services across the lifespan and will consider the needs of specific groups that require sub-specialist attention which will be described, across the age range, and community/population groups.

In addition, the mental health services plan will take account of the existing work that is being undertaking within the Local Health Networks.

Population Based

The new state mental health services plan will be population based and data driven, and incorporate evaluation into all elements. It will interface with education and training that will be needed to deliver the workforce required to provide evidence-based care and research that will lead to better interventions into the future.

Services Plans Governance

Specific Population and Service Groups