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Electroconvulsive Therapy, known as ECT, is a prescribed treatment for the purposes of the Mental Health Act 2008 (the Act).

The Chief Psychiatrist has a role under the Act to monitor patient treatment, standard of mental health care and ensure patient’s rights are protected and enabled.

Five sites offer ECT services: four in the public sector (Flinders Medical Centre, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Glenside Health Services, Lyell McEwin Hospital) and one in the private sector (The Adelaide Clinic, Ramsay Health Care).

The Prescribed Psychiatric Treatment Panel (the Panel) under the Act provides oversight of ECT.

The Panel has eight members and is chaired by the Chief Psychiatrist. Membership includes three psychiatrists, a carer, a consumer, a bioethicist and a legal practitioner, who contribute relevant expertise to assess the overall treatment and care of a patient. The Panel meets monthly to undertake reviews of patient progress

The Chief Psychiatrist has published the ECT Standard and ECT Policy Guideline to establish the framework for ECT delivery and care in SA, and set out the criteria for inspections of ECT facilities.

ECT Chief Psychiatrist Standard

ECT Policy Guideline

ECT Policy Guideline - Guideline Document - Academic References

ECT Policy Guideline - Guideline Document - Titration Charts

Information Sheet - Effect of an Advanced Care Directive the refuses ECT

Information Sheet - Legal Authority for the use of Restrictive Practice to administer ECT

TMS Position Statement - Prescribed Psychiatric Treatment Panel