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Office of the Chief Psychiatrist - Mental Health Act Training Program

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist provides training on the Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) ('the Act). This training helps officers with powers under the Act to understand their legislative obligations. It is not a clinical program. This training also provides pathways for persons wishing to be admitted as Authorised Mental Health Professionals and maintaining registration in this role.

Office of the Chief Psychiatrist - Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) Training Program

Office of the Chief Psychiatrist Mental Health Act Training Programs - Online Registration

South Australian Mental Health Training Centre - Mental Health Learning & Development Program

The National Mental Health Plan identified the need to invest in our work force and foster a culture of research, innovation and sustainability. South Australia’s 2020-2025 Mental Health Services Plan (MHSP) also identified learning as key to providing a first-class health service and a work force with high level skills and capacity.

The MHSP states that training and development is based on contemporary models of care and practise, and on improving identified areas of need across the state.

The South Australian Mental Health Training Centre (SAMHTC) aims to create consistent opportunities for training and development for other workforce cohorts, including the lived experience and peer workforce.

There is also opportunity for non-mental health staff to benefit from mental health specific training, as many staff in general health areas or other social services sectors have limited skills and knowledge for working in mental health even though they interact with the mental health system regularly.

Through the MHSP, SAMHTC has identified 3 key principles to improving knowledge, skills and delivery of care:

• General and discipline-specific training needs are identified through the development of core competencies based on evidence-based therapies

• Performance development supports all staff in continuous growth and lifelong learning

• The whole workforce is trained in contemporary models of practice including Mental Health First Aid, trauma informed care practice, culturally appropriate care and recovery-based approaches.

Training, Learning and Development Links

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